Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Yum Salt n Vinegar Chips

Yesterday, I decided to be a fatty and eat a huge bag of of salt n vinegar chips. Why did I do that? Because Its amazing....the feeling afterward not so much. Image below [kettle brand chips sea salt & vinegar]...yeah I ate that whole bag in one sitting watching FRIENDS....only one of the best series ever!

I <3> salt n vinegar chips!

Depending on what mood I am when I'm craving chips I almost always tend to grab a bag of salt n vinegar chips. Its just the best flavor out there! (my opinion of course!) I'm sure everyone else has different favorites.

Reviews: (in order from left to right)

Cape Cod Salt n Vinegar Chips:
A distinctive
blend of the finest sea salt and carefully dried vinegar. Indulge in these Cape Cod chips boasting perfectly paired flavors!

Ingredients: Potatoes, Canola Oil, Maltodextrin, Sodium Diacetate, Vinegar Solids and Sea Salt.

These chips are crunchy with a good amount of vinegar added. I for one love chips that are more vinegary than salty so I rate these chips 8 out of 10.

Herr's Kettle Cooked Salt n Vinegar chips:

Herr's® new Boardwalk Salt & Vinegar Flavored Kettle Chips are slow cooked and seasoned with the perfect balance between saltiness and the tongue-tickling flavor of vinegar for a delightful taste celebration!

Experience the delicious taste of nature's finest potatoes, hand-cooked in small batches in pure vegetable oil and sprinkled with just the right amount of flavor. Specially formulated for extra crispness, Herr's® Boardwalk Salt & Vinegar Kettle Cooked Potato Chips are thicker and keep their crunch longer - perfect for dipping or snacking. We think you'll agree these are the tastiest, most wholesome, all natural potato chips you'll ever munch. www.herrs.com

These are a close second to my favorite chips. Cooking it in pure vegetable oil gives it a slightly different flavor and carries the punch of vingar in each bite. Yum, writing these reviews are giving me a craving for salt n vinegar chips. I will rate this a 9 out of 10.

Herr's Salt n Vinegar Chips:

Ingredients: "Made from only the finest natural ingredients, Herr's® Salt & Vinegar Potato Chips contain essential nutrients, such as vitamin C and potassium. Cooked in corn and/or cottonseed oils, the chips are packed in special foil-like bags to help retain the vitamin C, as well as the freshness and crispness" quoted from the website. www.herrs.com

These were my ultimate favorite salt n vinegar chips in the world until I found Kettle cooked which I love more. ^_^ These chips are different in looks compared to the kettle cooked ones. They're more like lays with a huge punch of vinegar. Yum gotta love the vinegar. Very crisp, and your breath will be all sorts of vinegary with this one. When you hold the chip up into the light you can see all the sourly goodness of the vinegar. Not as crunchy as the ones mentioned above but just as good. I will rate this 10 out of 10.

Utz Salt n Vinegar Chips:
Fresh whole potatoes sliced and cooked in 100% pure Cottonseed Oil, with salt added. No oil preservatives added.

These are a poor man's salt n vinegar chips. For a $1 a bag (for a medium bag) you can't beat the price. And they're goood! Crisp and flavorful. I will rate this a 8 out of 10.

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